by Poblano

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released December 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Poblano Gainesville, Florida

3 dudes; punk Band from Gainesville, FL. FFO: Jawbreaker, The Thermals, The Front Bottoms, AJJ

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Track Name: Matt
always wanted to learn to skateboard
you look so fine out there
your head is down
you're laughing, you're smiling, you're bleeding
but you don't really care

but you know
the way home in the dark

we hung out almost everyday
right up until summer break
and you came to visit in the fall
we were best friends ever since then
but you lost it in founder's hall

so call me
i've missed you since i left

i took a long walk off a long pier
and you appeared
i took a long walk off a long pier
and you appeared in the water out there

jackets on, cul-de-sac talk
you were in love when greg pulled up

but you don't wanna talk about her
she never knew your name
maybe there's still no one to blame

you took a long walk in the streets of annapolis
just to see her face
you took a long walk off a long pier
and she appeared in the water out there
but you never knew her name

she had a sweet smile in a sweet place
hit your sweet spot with her sweet face
and you fell in love with the checkout girl
at the ice cream store at the top of the world

you were losing yourself
to reckless affection
and i can't think of a better way to die
Track Name: I Don't Belong Here
you are my everything
my black spaceship crashing into the sun
i know i sound pretty pathetic
but some of us don't have college to look forward to

i don't belong here with all these people and their friends
i don't belong here, i am listening to the wrens
someday i'll find myself back at home
yeah i'm a loser but i'm calling you
you say to me through the phone
"didn't you go to school?"
I said "i did but i didn't like it as much as i like you
aren't you impressed?
aren't i impressive?"

let's get bold, let's get nervous
let's get happy, let's get curtis
let's make our way down to the quarry
and dance until one of us can't see
let's pretend that those hostages in that video
are all laughing at me
let's pretend that your parents aren't separated
they're just playing strangers at the hotel bar
and this time it goes too far

i used to think about my words before they left my mouth
my dad said when i was young that i was an arrogant son of a gun
and charles e bukowski would be proud
sometimes i want you to kiss as much as i do
but i don't expect you to return

i want you in my life
Track Name: Couch
i come home at night
and you are awake
you ask me the time
you say i am late
but i can't end my life for you

the room it is blue
the radio is glaring
i turn on a light
and see what you are wearing
you have been waiting for me all night

it's you and me falling asleep on the couch
something i can't do without
you are an angel baby
your white christmas lights and your arms around me

you believe in some sort of light but i can't find my way in the dark
you believe in what is right but i can't find my way to the car

it's you and me waking up on christmas eve
snow is falling slowly
you say "good morning baby"
like we were married

but we're not
but we'll never be
Track Name: If You Knew Me
when we first met i knelt at your feet
i called you my god i need you to breathe

three years have gone and you're still at home
you're hopeful for better things you're hopeful alone

so don't call me again
we're hot on the road to lake michigan
we're gonna walk out on the lake

if you knew me this wouldn't surprise you in the least

grandma had painted a painting a day
till all she had were pictures and nothing to say

she lives alone except for st paul
and holy ghost haunting the paintings on her wall
Track Name: Not a Ghost
got this thing in my brain
i don't know where i'm going
i hate my job i work as little as possible
my apathy is showing

i'll run clean outta cash before the semester ends

but i got you i got your love
and we keep moving back the bookends
cause we need room for more

my mom's not a ghost
i'm not heart broken like you
drive out west towards the coast
stand strong every pistol duel at high noon

me and all my friends struck gold on the local scene
with shadynasty's mako
and dirty talk's every scream

maybe it's not so bad with all these friends